Multiscale Dynamics of the Southern Ocean

Australian National University, 6–8 December 2021


02/09/2021: The conference has been postponed due to ongoing Covid-19 related travel restrictions. We aim to reschedule the conference around Easter 2022. More information will appear as the situation develops.


The conference is part of the Australian Academy of Science Elizabeth and Frederick White Research Conference series.


The Southern Ocean controls the flux of heat to Australia’s south, governing the formation of key water masses which drive global ocean circulation, and is the gateway to Antarctica. It has rich dynamics spanning millimetre-scale turbulent mixing, metre-scale surface waves, kilometre-scale convection and eddies, and thousand-kilometre scale atmospheric weather systems.

The Southern Ocean is changing rapidly, and a key research question is whether it can continue soaking up anthropogenic heat and carbon dioxide, and providing other services that mitigate climate change. Numerical models founded on physical laws are the sole means for predicting future scenarios. Higher confidence in models, and hence better resilience for Australian and global communities, requires breakthroughs in understanding dynamics at all scales.


Program (tentative)

Monday 6th Dec

Eddies, mixing and jets

Diversity in Southern Ocean science

Tuesday 7th Dec

Internal waves

Sea ice and surface processes

Wednesday 8th Dec

Convection and circulation


Please register you interest to participate in the conference using the registration form by Sunday 10th October 2021.

Due to Covid-19 capacity restrictions, we cannot guarantee all registrations will be accepted.


Finkel Lecture Theatre, Australian National University


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We are grateful for support from the Australian Academy of Science and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes.


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